Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Results

14 May 2018

The Grand Prix de Monaco Historique at the weekend put on a great display of classic racing, with the different generations of Grand Prix cars racing hard in wet and dry conditions.

Stand out performances came from Chris Ward in the Cooper T33, who drove away from the field in treacherous conditions, and from Martin O’Connell who gave his freshly restored ATS a win int he 1977-1980 Grand Prix car race.

SERIE A : Pre-war Grand Prix Cars

1 Paddins Dowling (ERA R5B) 10 Laps

2 Michael Gans (ERA R1B) +17.538s

3 Anthony Sinopoli (Maserati 6CM/4CM)

SERIE B : Pre-1961 F1 and F2 Grand Prix Cars

1 Tony Wood (Tec-Mec F415) 9 Laps

2 Nick Padmore (Lotus 16) +5.962s

3 Joaquin Folch-Russinol (Lotus 16)

SERIE C : Sports Racing cars - front engine (1952 - 1957)

1 Chris Ward (Cooper-Jaguar T33 Mk1) 10 Laps

2 Ben Short (Lister Maserati) +34.064s

3 Tony Wood (Lister-Bristol)

SERIE D : F1 Grand Prix cars (1961 - 1965)

1 Andy Middlehurst (Lotus-CLimax 25) 10 Laps

2 Joseph Colasacco (Ferrari 1512) +0,608s

3 James King (Brabham-Climax BT7)

SERIE E : F1 Grand Prix cars (1966 - 1972)

1 Bjorn Wirdheim (March 711) 12 Laps

2 Stuart Hall (McLaren M19A) +0.189s

3 Michael Lyons (Surtees TS9)

SERIE F : F1 Grand Prix cars (1973 - 1976)

1 Michael Lyons (McLaren M26) 18 Laps

2 Stuart Hall (McLaren M23) +9.347s

3 Marco Werner (Ferrari 312B)

SERIE G : F1 Grand Prix cars (1977 - 1980)

1 Martin O’Connell (ATS D4) 18 Laps

2 Nick Padmore (Shadow DN9) +2.568s

3 Jordan Grogor (Arrows A3)


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