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Welcome to Historic Racing News! Welcome to Historic Racing News.com! We like to think we are a web presence for historic motorsport enthusiasts by motorsport enthusiasts. We aim to give an inside view to the world of historic motorsport, so our reports and features will focus more on the people and cars that make historic racing the fastest growing area of motorsport rather than outright race results or reports, and we hope that the things that interest us are what you will find interesting as well.

Our aim is to bring you the latest news, opinion and discussions in text, audio and video, with our own podcasts featuring some well-known names. Historic Racing News.com will be more than an on-line presence, with organised trips to some of the most evocative venues inmotorsport coming soon!

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Historic Racing News is the best place to find out about up to date goings on in the world of classic motor sport. With the latest video's, podcasts, news and galleries we cover all the bases and bring you the largest collection of resources for you to access in one place. Historic Racing News is number one in the world of Historic motor racing!


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